Announcing the End of Life of the Texscan Z3400 and Z4000

As of September 30, 2014, we will discontinue support for the Z3400 and Z4000 character generators as we make way for the new Z5000 and Z6000 which have recently been released. Please call us with any requests for repair or services on Z3400/Z4000 so that we can schedule well ahead of the EOL date. We continue our Tradeout program for existing customers who want to upgrade to the Z5000 and Z6000, please contact to see if your unit qualifies for the program and receive further details.


Key features of the Z5000/Z6000:

  • Software runs on a standard PC utilizing 64-bit processor
  • Outputs in HD and SD, Analog or Digitial
  • Utilizes MS Powerpoint as content engine
  • Local or Remote Access via web
  • IP streaming capability


The Z5000 series is our platform for the future with these and many other features. We look forward to discussing this with you.